Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between a team membership and a club membership?

Bottom Line: A “team member” pledges to do a certain number of races during the course of the year. In return, a team member receives a larger clothing allowance, and receives race reimbursements at the end of the year. While a “club member” may only do a limited number of races, or none at all, but wants to train and ride at a high performance level and is looking for a club to enjoy that with.

When can I join?

We have an “open“ membership which make it possible to join at any time of the year.

Who can join?

Anyone. We have members from young juniors to master riders in their 60‘s.

Tell me more about Race Reimbursements...

We consider ourselves a “high performance riding and racing cycling club.“ Therefore we love and encourage racing. Also, racing provides visibility and promotion of our partner sponsors. That‘s why we reward and reimburse members who race more. Here is our reimbursement schedule.

Race Requirements & Reimbursements

Level                     # Races Required        Reimbursement (per race)

Club                                               None                                    None

Cat 5/Mtb 3/Cross 4                   6                                            $10

Cat 4/ Mtb 2/ Cross 3                10                                            $15

Cat 3                                                 12                                            $15

Cat 1,2/ Mtb 1/Cross 1,2             15                                            $20

Note: You must meet your race requirement to obtain reimbursements. You are able to use one (1) DNF allowed towards your race requirement each year.

What about clothing?

We have a great sponsor in Pactimo. They supply all our clothing. As a member you can enjoy their clothing at a sponsor friendly reduced price. Once you join you will be able to access our “LSV Pactimo Store“ online and order your clothing direct from Pactimo.

Ready to join?

Contact our Membership Czar, Annie Yeager via email, by clicking on her name. She will send you the membership form and contract, arrange payment, and get you going on your clothing order.