We love our Sponsors!

For the last 20 years we have had the privilege of partnering with great sponsors. Their products and services are amazing and they really believe in cycling and wellness for a better life. Please check them out on their sites.

Benefit challenges facing employers today are extremely complex. From analysis of benefits, to efficient enrollment, to regulatory/compliance issues, to containment measures and bottom line requirements. That’s why there’s Kelly and Associates Insurance Group. We save you time and money by allowing you to manage everything through one integrated resource.

SBCG has combined experience in workplace benefits of more than 72 years. Having seen the industry evolve, the SBCG is well positioned to work with Brokers/Consultants and Group Administrators to design employee benefit communication strategies and voluntary benefits programs that meet and exceed expectations.

Born in Camarillo, CA in 1978, "Diamond Back Bicycles" became "Diamondback Bicycles" in the early 21st century with its move to Kent, WA. They have stepped up big in the high-performance road arena and our elite team is proud and excited to be throwing their leg over the top tube of their flagship ride. Full carbon goodness!

We are a full service vision care company with an emphasis on providing comprehensive managed vision care plans for small, large and national group market segments through relationships with Brokers, Consultants, Third Party Administrators and Group Direct.

The Katzen Eye Group is the largest private eye care practice in the Baltimore area, our doctors specialize in cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders, primary eye care & laser eye surgery, including LASIK. As leaders in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry and optical, we have the finest eye care professionals in the area.

STM Cycling is a Power based indoor center that includes an indoor cycling studio, a computrainer studio, a yoga studio and a juice & smoothie bar.

Mt Borah creates functional cycling apparel that lets you enjoy your outdoor experience in maximum comfort. We use only quality technical fabrics designed specifically for extended use under any condition. And, by the way, all of our apparel is made in the United States!

Pro Team Equipment helps teams, clubs, and individual athletes get the right equipment to fuel their passion to be on the bike.

CeraSport, a new generation hydration and performance drink, was developed along with physicians at Johns Hopkins University. It restores essential salts and fluid lost in sweat due to exercise or heat stress. Don’t let dehydration wear you down; improve your performance and endurance with CeraSport!

Our quest to find a great tasting, healthy alternative led us to create Cocoa Elite. Scientific research has shown that consuming cocoa which contain a large quantity of flavanols helps support circulatory health, cholesterol and blood pressure. More and more athletes and individuals interested in improving their health are finding their way to a daily consumption of flavanol rich cocoa. How about you?

Clark Vandergrift is a visual storyteller, his photography is grounded in reality and embellished by imagination. Whether he's finding a subject and reinventing it, or taking a concept and creating the scene from scratch, his work is always guided by a feeling for the moment, the person and the place. He is continually inspired by a sense of pure wanderlust. An exotic location, a remote wilderness, or a hidden corner of the world will push his adrenaline. Each place is rich with possibilities.