Local Group Rides

Veloccino Saturday Morning "A" and "B" rides

Rides roll at 9am most of the year from Veloccino Map

We will adjust it as the seasons change to take advantage of warmer or cooler temperaturesThere are usually two rides. "A" and "B"

  • "A" rides are usually a bit longer (40-60 miles) and tend to average 20-21mph
  • "B" rides are usually around 30-45 miles and average 18mph. (We try not to drop riders but it can happen)

All of this can depend on who shows up, the weather, season, the moon phase, and the number of croissants in the pastry display so use it as a guide.

“KBS-LSV Winter Ride” Google group

This is a google group that (more or less) weekly determines when, where, how long, and how fast they will ride.

  • Departure/Return location:  Varies (Usually around Veloccino Map )
  • Length of ride: Varies but usually 3+ hours
  • Pace of ride: 18-20 mph—usually very hilly as well
  • Drop ride

Note: you must subscribe to this email google group to find out about these rides. Follow this link to request being added to the list https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kbs-lsv-winter-rides/join

Veloccino Thursday 30 at 5:30

  • Departure/Return location:  Veloccino Map
  • Departure time:  5:15pm / 5:30pm
  • Length of ride: 32 miles
  • Pace of ride: 16mph first group / 20mph second group
  • No drop

Strava Map: https://www.strava.com/routes/6199743

Note: “Slower” group heads out first at 5:15. Both rides are same route so you can start in slower group and jump into the faster group later.

Wednesday Night Worlds

Strava Map: https://www.strava.com/activities/980583977

Note: This ride is currently not happening but the route is excellent

West Side Worlds—Howard County on Tuesdays

  • Departure/Return Location: The Hub in Catonsville Map
  • Departure Time: 5:30 in Spring, moves to 6:00 in Summer
  • Length of Ride: ~30mi Pace of Ride: A: 19+, B: 17+
  • Drop Ride

A Group Strava Map: https://www.strava.com/routes/636719

B Group Strava Map: https://www.strava.com/routes/636755

Note: This is a fast ride in Catonsville area which incorporates lots of different types of hills in Ellicott City. This is a full drop ride so please bring a que sheet if you don’t know the roads. We will divide into an A and a B group. In general, if you race at the Cat 1-3 level then the A group is for you. If you race at the Cat 4-5 level, then try the B group if it is your first time and move to the A group when you want more of a challenge.

8am Saturday Hub Shop Ride

  • Departure/Return Location: The Hub in Catonsville Map
  • Departure Time: 8am year round
  • Length of Ride: 25-40
  • 2 Groups—Fast and a No Drop group

Strava Maps: https://www.strava.com/clubs/38168/group_events/112435 or https://www.strava.com/routes/4073

Baltimore Bike Club Ride Calendar

BBC offers an extensive, often updated calendar of local rides


BBC also offers… Tuesday Night TT

Info here: http://www.teambbc.net/team-rides/tuesday-tuesday-night-time-trial/